Secure Evidence Storage

The solution to the long-term evidence and property storage problems for Midwestern law enforcement agencies

Evidence Storage

Law enforcement agencies at the federal, state, and local levels rely on Fortress Plus Solutions for reliable and secure long-term evidence storage

Sexual Assault Kits & DNA Evidence Storage

Fortress Plus Solutions is committed to providing secure and reliable storage for sexual assault kits and other DNA evidence


Seized Evidence

A comprehensive range of solutions for seized evidence that includes strict chain of custody, towing and transportation, custody inventory, secure storage, and inventory management.

Evidence Room Audits

Our evidence room inventory audit services are designed to help law enforcement organizations ensure that their evidence rooms are properly maintained and in compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

Expert Testimony

Our team of experts has years of experience in a variety of fields, including law enforcement, forensic science, and investigations. We are able to provide expert testimony on a wide range of topics


Climate Controlled Facility

Located in the greater Chicago area, our unmarked facility is 100% secure and provides restricted access to only authorized personnel


Document & Record Storage

State-of-the-art facilities equipped with advanced security features including 24/7 monitoring, access control systems, and fire suppression technology. Fortress Plus Solutions offers secure document and record storage services for businesses of all sizes

Polygraph Services

Our team of experienced and certified polygraph examiners can help you in a variety of situations, including: Criminal investigations, employment screening, insurance claims, child custody cases, personal matters

Secure Transportation

Fortress Plus Solutions takes the hassle and staffing hours out of your long-term evidence storage efforts in several ways, including transportation



We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries

Fortress Plus Solutions offers many solutions to all different industries. Some of our industries include; Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Courts, Government, Insurance, Museums and Private Collectors, and Arson Investigation.

Law Enforcement


Arson Investigators


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